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We create and conduct large-scale online social economic surveys and experiments that shed light on people’s understanding and reasoning about economic matters. By doing so, we open up an avenue to listen to diverse voices and grasp how different people think and reason about economic issues.

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Stefanie talks about the research of the Social Economics Lab at the 2-day French-German cabinet retreat in Hamburg in October 2023.
People think differently than before: belief in shared benefits is dwindling. This has fatal consequences for the economy, politics and society as a whole.
A portrait of Stefanie Stantcheva, from Philippine Robert on "Le Point".
Daron Acemoglu wins the A.SK Social Science Award 2023, valued at 100,000 euros, for his work on economic prosperity and political stability. Additionally, Filiz Garip and Stefanie Stantcheva are awarded the inaugural “A.SK Bright Mind Awards,” each worth 20,000 euros, for their contributions as emerging social researchers.
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