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Interview with Stefanie by American Economic Association’s Committee on the Status of Women in the Economics Profession (CSWEP) News.
Stefanie's paper, "Determinants of Views on the Fairness of Inequality" which she co-authored along with Kristoffer B. Hvidberg and Claus Kreiner, was featured in NBER's March 2021 digest.
In this Marketplace podcast, Stefanie highlights the inaccuracy of people's perceptions about their own economic status and that of their social and work circles, as revealed by research based on tax and income data from thousands of residents in Denmark.
In this article, Stefanie focuses on taxes, transfers, and redistribution, examining their effects, optimal design, and public perceptions, employing novel methods like social economics surveys and experiments to gain deeper insights.
Stefanie was named a 2021 Andrew Carnegie Fellow for her work that explores the impact of knowledge, partisanship, and fairness on economic policy views and tests educational materials to improve understanding of these policies.
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