AFE Conference in Chicago September 2023

AFE Conference in Chicago September 2023

AFE Conference in Chicago September 2023

University of Chicago | September 21-22, 2023

Stefanie Stantcheva was one of the three keynote speakers together with Nicholas Bloom and Uri Gneezy at the Advances with Field Experiments (AFE) 2023 Conference.

The Advances with Field Experiments 2023 conference aimed to present the best and most innovative new work using field experiments to address economic questions.
In recent times, there has been a significant surge in enthusiasm for academic research employing experimental techniques within the realm of economics to explore inquiries spanning a wide array of subjects.

Furthermore, entities such as businesses and governments in numerous countries worldwide are beginning to recognize the substantial impact that field experiments can exert on the development of products, services, and policies.

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New working paper: Zero-Sum Thinking and the Roots of U.S. Political Divides

The authors investigate the origins and implications of zero-sum thinking – the belief that gains for one individual or group tend to come at the cost of others. Using a new survey of a representative sample of 20,400 US residents, they measure zero-sum thinking, political preferences, policy views, and a rich array of ancestral information spanning four generations.

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